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d in his hands. Then he hurled one of them at us; but a more powerful hand caught it as it flew: and this took place a second and

a third time, as he hurled his two remaining javelins.… Late at night our host came back fr

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om the council, where the two Huron emissaries had made

their gift of hatchets to have us killed. He wakened us to say that thre

air, abov
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e times we had been at the point of deat

h; for the young men had offered three times 145 to strike the blow, a

e the wint
03. moved on

nd three times the old men had dissuad

ed them. This explained the meaning of Father Brébeuf's vision." [6] [6]

hat stretc
04. gh the

Chaumonot, Vie, 55. They had esc

aped for the time; but the Indians agreed among themselves, that thenceforth no one should giv

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We know what it takesto be the leader

e them shelter. At night, pierced with cold and faint with hunger, they found every door closed against them. They stood and watched, saw an Indian issue from a house, and, by a quick movement, pushed through t

he half-open door into this abode of smoke and filth. The inmates, aghast at their boldness, stared in silence. Then a messenger ran out to carry the tidings, and an angry crowd collected. "Go out, and leave our country," said an old chief, "or we will put you

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ry for

into the kettle, and make a feast of you." "I have had enough of the dark-colored flesh of our enemies," said a young brave; "I wish to know the taste of white

ests t

meat, and I will eat yours." A warrior rushed in like a madman, drew his bow, and aimed the arrow at Chaumonot. "I looked at him fixedly," writes the Je

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